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Sfințirea Catedralei Naționale! Cum stăm cu pregătirile? – Interviu cu teologul Vasile Bănescu


The preparation of the event that will most consistently and brightly mark the  Centenary Year, the sanctification of the altar and the cathedral of the National Cathedral, a cathedral built in memory of all the Romanian heroes and martyrs to whom we  owe modern Romania, but also the defense of the Christian values ​​of this country  is very advanced . The works on the cathedral’s site are very advanced,  working intensely on the completion of the altar, but also at the + 90 m elevation, in the main tower area  , whose dome was recently assembled, as well as in the other tower areas  . At the same time, the laborious commissioning of the bells and the fine tuning of the bells is carried out  . On November 25, the new Cathedral will be the most important place in Romania, just a few days  before the celebration of the 100 years of modern and independent statehood:  December 1, our national feast. Despte all  this, he had the good will to speak to the theologian Vasile Bănescu, the spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate , in a short respite  . (RB)


What is the level of participation  expected to be a human presence?

Only inside the Cathedral there will be 3000 seats. The number of all participants is impossible to estimate, but the importance of the event, the context of the centennial year in which it unfolds, the strong desire of the faithful in Bucharest, the country and abroad to see with their eyes the new Cathedral, the natural curiosity of all those who have heard of its construction, all justify believing that on the day of sanctification, on 25 November, and then on the “days of sanctification”, as the days before the celebrations of the first patron of the Cathedral, St. Apostle Andrew (30 November), the presence of all who would like to pass the threshold of the National Cathedral will be one of the order of many thousands of people.

What does the list of  guests look like?

The guest list builds itself at an intense pace. Naturally, there will be no personalities of public life – religious, cultural, media, political – from Romania and abroad, officials, people who have grasped the deep reasons from the beginning, the necessity and the duty of the erection of this Cathedral, the Romanian Orthodox Christian space.

As a hierarch, who are the ones who  will participate? Both in the country and  in the Diaspora, but also in other Orthodox Churches  ?

The holy hierarchs of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church will attend the sanctification service of the altar and the cathedral of the new Cathedral. They will be joined by His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I and Metropolitan Chrysostom of Patra in Greece, who will also bring to this occasion the Hand of St. Apostle Andrew.

Is there an invitation to the Moscow Patriarchate  – who recently interrupted communion  with the Ecumenical Patriarchate?


What is the November 25 program  ? How does the day begin,  how does it end?

The day will begin with the clergy service of the National Cathedral, which will be followed by a teaching word by Father Patriarch Daniel. Then the Divine Liturgy will be celebrated. After reading the Holy Gospel, His Holiness Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch, will utter homily, and at the end of the Divine Liturgy Father Patriarch Daniel will speak a word of thanksgiving and blessing. From 18 o’clock the Holy Apostle Andrew’s Apostle will be officiated.

Father Patriarch has emotions? But the team managing the  event?

Dacă bucuria este și o profundă emoție – și este, da –, toți cei implicați sub oblăduirea Părintelui Patriarh în organizarea acestui eveniment suntem firesc emoționați. O emoție fertilă, provocată și de gândul că vom fi martorii unui eveniment unic în acest an centenar, dar și în viața noastră.

Reprezentarea/ acoperirea media cum arată? Vor fi transmisiuni în direct?

Actorii mediatici principali care vor asigura transmisiunea în direct a evenimentelor dedicate Sfințirii Catedralei Naționale vor fi Televiziunea Trinitas și Radio Trinitas, ale Patriarhiei Române.

Momentul acesta într‑adevăr istoric va fi marcat ulterior de alte evenimente, inclusiv culturale?

A very important event is the celebration of the first patronage of the new Cathedral, the 30th of November, the day of St. Apostle Andrew, the first called, Protector of Romania. The Divine Liturgy of this day will be celebrated by His Beatitude Theophilus III, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, along with His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.


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